Stress and Tiredness

I am often asked “Why am I so tired?” and “I’m so stressed by others but I can’t understand why!” and “How do I learn to relax?”

When our schedules are so busy and our days are rushed and crammed with non stop appointments, involving lots of people and therefore lots of energies, we don’t get time to remember to push things away.

We forget with social media we can still pick up negative energies especially if we are very sensitive to others issues. This also applies to video calls, phone calls and messages via text etc.

Then add stress to the mixture. It can be a major cause of tiredness. When life is so full it is hard to slow our days and our thoughts down. When stress comes calling we deal with it in any way we can but it often isn’t easy.

So here are a few techniques I find useful:

Keep your chakras clean and balanced – go for Acupuncture or Reiki or a massage if you can find the time

Keep grounded – put your roots in to the ground and close those chakras. They do open randomly so it is worth checking your energy levels throughout the day and re-closing them when you feel the need.

Push energies away that are negative and keep pushing them away – clear the air in front of you a little like clearing a desk of paper or a breast stroke when swimming.

If you can’t meditate then sit in silence and just be – if only for 10 minutes. It really will help

Concentrate on breathing slowly and gradually letting your breathing go deeper and deeper – again this won’t take long but it will make a big difference.

Take good care and remember in your busy day to find a moment for yourself

With many hugs xxx

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