Past Life Regression

There are so many things that resonate with us regarding past lives. We feel we are drawn to a specific place or person and feel sure we have had a connection with it or them in a past life but can we be sure that we are correct? Why should we bother with a past life experience? Is it really necessary? Will we be safe? Can we get stuck in time? So many questions to be thought about before booking an appointment!

I remember a little of my very first experience with past life regression  but I do know I found it to be a disappointing experience. It was all very casual, interesting at the time but I found it dissatisfying because I couldn’t really remember what had happened and it was all too quick. The end result was that I avoided past life regression for a year or two because, although I completely believed we have lived past lives, I wasn’t sure anyone could regress a person to a specific time or place. In short I was skeptical. I decided I wanted to make sure that no one had the same disappointing experience when they are regressed as I had had.  So I trained and here I am now giving talks on the subject and helping people to go back in time to the place that will hopefully give them some answers. As always my aim is to make sure each person feels safe, feels they are cared for & that they will not be disappointed in their journey.

I found my training very interesting & exciting & when I regressed myself as part of my ‘test’ at the end of the course I was so excited to be able to Google the information and find I had not imagined anything, the pub I had seen myself working in really did exist! What more confirmation do I need than that!

So if you would like to book in with me for a regression session you will need to have at least an hour to an hour & a half free. I like to work with each person to make sure they feel safe and secure.  If you wish you can record our discussion afterwards, where you can talk about what you have seen,  heard, felt & learnt from your experience. If my guides feel there is information to help following on from the session I will of course give you the information I am receiving.


£80 for each session

If you would like to discuss this with me in more detail please call me on 01747 838182  or 07971074447  or email me at