One to One Psychic Mentoring

For a number of years I realised I had the ability, together with  my guides, to be able to provide a mentoring service & it didn’t have to be face to face. So many people around the world want the opportunity to be able to work with someone like myself but they don’t have the time or the money to visit the United Kingdom. I sat & talked with my guides & they suggested I started to work as a mentor on a one to one basis but not only face to face but via phone & Skype. Since then I have worked with many people around the world from complete novices through to experienced readers, providing a mentoring service helping to enhance each persons communication with spirit. Working in this way has allowed each person to progress at their own pace but it also means they have my total & undivided attention from  between one to one & a half hours.

We work with the issues listed below but we also have the time & harmony to be able to work in the very best way for each person. Working on a monthly basis, if that suits your diary, we discuss what you have ‘played with’ so to speak during the month & what you have found easy, hard or just don’t like & we then go on from there to the next subject. There is no particular time limit, i.e. you do not have to book in for 12 sessions, you may only need 2 or 3 sessions or you may need many more. The times are entirely up to you to decide what is best & right for you & book accordingly. If on the other hand I feel you have worked with me as long is as necessary then I will not encourage you to keep paying for something that is no longer necessary.

The bonus of this way of working is total flexibility, all sessions are recorded & you can contact me as any time for help, support or just to talk about what you have been doing with your spirit guides.

Auras – how to see them, sense them, touch them and perhaps draw them
Chakras – how to open and close them, what they can do for us
Grounding – how, should we & do we really need to bother
Psychometry – learning through touch
Card Readings – using many different types of Tarot and/or Affirmation Cards
Dousing, Scrying , Crystal Balls & so on
Plus much much more


Per session £80 – all payments can be made at time of session with debit or credit card or via Paypal using the email address of

If you would like to speak with me for more information please call either number 01747 838182 or 07971074447 or email me at