Sarah Pickles – Psychic Medium

Hi – I’m Sarah Pickles  a Psychic Medium based in North Dorset, England. I am also a Usui & Karuna  Reiki Master Teacher, Past Life Regression Therapist & Aromatherapist. Working throughout the United Kingdom & Internationally offering recorded, insightful readings, Psychic & Spiritual Development, Psychic Development Correspondence courses, Past Life Regression Therapy, Retreats from my home in North Dorset , Aromatherapy & more. I work face to face, via Skype & phone, on a one to one basis & in groups. I also book Parties & Clairvoyant Demonstrations.

About me

Firstly & importantly (very much in my mind anyway) I am just an ordinary person who is a mother & a grandmother & hugely proud & passionate about my family & their achievements. I ride a motorbike which I love as it allows me to have a sense of freedom & is a great way for me to relax. I love animals & have 4 chickens & a cat called Sam (he was a gift to me when a tiny kitten & is now 11). I live with an amazing guy called John who is also a biker, Counsellor & a brilliant person to know & together we live in a very beautiful part of North Dorset. We love to laugh, listen to music, read books of all different types, potter in our garden, daily I meditate & do my Reiki & Yoga. John & I  try to help people & just enjoy this amazing world we live in.

I was brought up travelling the world. My father was in the Army & I knew nothing about readings, spirit guides, past life, healing or anything to do with being spiritual. In fact I didn’t have my first reading until I was about 34 & when I did I was stunned at what I was told & how accurate the person was. I couldn’t believe that someone I had just met could tell me things about me & my life without actually knowing me. That first reading set me on the path of trying to find out how a reading was done & whilst I was working in an office I spent as much time as possible trying to get readers to tell me how they did their jobs!

Sadly during this time of exploration my best friend died. Before her death she had been supported by The Samaritans & I decided it was time to pay back some of their kindness to her. I worked with incredible people & had powerful training. I ended up at Glastonbury Festival, working as a volunteer & there I met my very first Reiki Master, leading to another path of discovery!

The end result of all of those years was that I realised I had always been spiritual, I had always talked to my guides (but didn’t know it) & with hard work, many hours of reading, studying & asking I began to open my mind to communicating with my guides. The Reiki, once I started to use it, helped me to fully open my psychic abilities & so I began to do small readings for a number of years. In 2003 I gave up my office job & went self employed offering readings & Reiki & more, working daily with my guides, learning every day – I have never looked back.

I have a huge respect & love for the human race. It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly brave, kind, generous & unbelievably strong humans beings are.  They leave me sometimes with a sense of sadness but much more importantly more often full of laughter & with nothing but huge admiration & respect.

So if you have read this far you know a little about me & I hope you may now want to contact me to discuss how I can help you on your journey in this very beautiful but often confusing world.