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Students learn to provide patient-centered care, be a collaborative member of the healthcare team, be an active member of the profession of nursing and be an advocate for the patient and their safety. RN license and associate degree in nursing required for admission consideration. UTEP offers a BSN, MSN and DNP degrees in nursing. 2 Second Degree and RN-to-BSN applicants may meet requirement by taking any humanities course that meets Texas A&M core. With part-time and full-time options available, nurses can tailor the program to their needs. 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EPCC offers a variety of nursing programs to meet the needs of the community, from LPN to RN and ADN. RN to BSN Programs by State. Watch Queue Queue Ranked among the top nursing programs in the west, the nursing school at UTEP prepared students to meet the diverse needs of their patients across their life-span. Students can complete the program in as little as three terms, if attending on a full-time basis, or four terms, if part-time. The University of Texas at El Paso School of Nursing Health Sciences and Nursing Building 500 W University El Paso, Texas 79968 E: nursing@utep.edu P: (915) 747-8217 F: (915) 747-8295 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO. Texas Tech Health Science Center has been preparing nursing professionals for over 35 years. This video is unavailable. Their MSN programs include Nursing Administration and Management, Nursing Education, and Nurse Practitioner concentrations in Adult Gerontology Acute Care, Family Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Acute Care, and Pediatric Primary Care. We ensure you learn from top notch educators that can bring the Real World to the classroom! We will stay in close communication with incoming summer students in the event of any changes. Situated along the Rio Grande river El Paso offers very diverse cultural and educational opportunities for the residents. Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware D.C. With nearly one faculty member to each student, students receive excellent mentoring and training from nursing professionals. Online Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN Option) Working nurses, connect to better job opportunities, greater responsibilities, and the potential to earn more with your BSN. El Paso, Texas is a unique city that creates an international metropolitan area with La Cruces New Mexico and Ciudad, Mexico. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. UTEP’s online RN to BSN degree program offers the highest quality curriculum that teaches evidence-based practice. program curriculum is designed to give you flexibility. I am now enrolled in the graduate MSN program at UT El Paso and participate in classes online via Elluminate and work is posted on the UTEP blackboard. Texas Tech University System; Texas Tech University; TTUHSC El Paso; Angelo State University; State of Texas Website; Statewide Search (T.R.A.I.L) Online Institutional Resumes; Site Policies; Texas Homeland Security; SAO Fraud Reporting; DMCA Compliance; Compliance Hotline; Texas Veterans Portal; Mental Health Resources; Campus Carry The BSN to DNP program is a combination of online and face-to-face courses and supervised clinical experiences and will meet all educational standards established by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice (2006) and the National Or… "selected":"",' value="').concat(e.id,'" data-slug="').concat(e.slug,'">').concat(e.name,"\n ")}).join(""),"\n \n ")}).join(""),"\n ")}function L(){var e=q(),t=e.degree,n=e.category,i=(e.subject,!t||""===t),r=!n||""===n;a.disabled=i,c.disabled=i||r}function H(){var e=g[0]&&g[0].name;return!e||""===e?f.map(function(e){return e.selected=!1,e}):f}function A(){var e=m[0]&&m[0].name;return!e||""===e?h.map(function(e){return e.selected=!1,e}):h}function q(){var e=Object.values(o.children).filter(function(e){return e.selected}),t=Object.values(a.children).filter(function(e){return e.selected}),n=Object.values(c.children).filter(function(e){return e.selected});return{degree:e[0]&&e[0].value,category:t[0]&&t[0].value,subject:n[0]&&n[0].value}}function F(e){var t=q().degree;e&&e.target&&(p=p.map(function(e){return e.selected=e.id==t,e}));var i=t?p.filter(function(e){return e.selected}):p,n=f.filter(function(e){var n;return e.degree.forEach(function(t){i.forEach(function(e){t===e.id&&(n=!0)})}),n});o.innerHTML=T(r,p),t&&""!==t||(f=H(),h=A()),a.innerHTML=M(l,n),n=0 Low Performance managen. Serving this bi-national region, UTEP has risen above many other institutions. "left":"right"};window.toggleTooltip=function(e){if(e.target.classList.contains("tooltip-toggle")){var t=i.querySelector(".tooltip-toggle"),n=e.target.closest("section").querySelector(".tooltip-body");"left"===P(t)? At this time, we anticipate that summer courses and programs will proceed as scheduled. 3 Students applying from other Texas public institutions may take up to three hours of math which meet that institution's core curriculum requirements.

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